The Current Culture Of Racism and Offence

Does banning certain books and even words really solve the problem of racism?

5 min readOct 16, 2021


Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

I was watching the eighth episode of Season 2 of Anne With An ‘E’ tonight, and it got me thinking. Before I write any more, I will say “Spoiler Alert”.. You know, just in case…

In this episode, ‘Bash’, a black man, and friend of Gilbert, and Anne (and the Cuthbert’s) has a tooth ache. He attempts a self extraction, but there are complications, which require him to seek medical help. He goes to the chemist, but is refused any help, and it is suggested that he go to the ‘bog’, where the other ‘coloureds’ are.

Bash is accompanied by Gilbert on the train to a doctor. During his attempt to get on the train, he is refused admittance, and it is suggested that there might be space for him in the luggage cabin (even though he paid for both tickets), and it is only when Marilla, speaks up, saying that she has saved seats for them that they are allowed on.


These scenes left me feeling as if I had been kicked in the gut. It is beyond me to treat any human being in that way, simply based on the colour of their skin. In fact, it is beyond me to treat anyone in this way, based on anything other than their actions — things that they can control.


However, it got me thinking. Lately, there is so much talk about race and discrimination, and while I completely agree with being more aware of racial issues, a lot of it, seems to me, if I’m being blunt, to be political correctness gone mad.

As an example, the children’s books by Enid Blyton, “The Magic Faraway Tree” series was released on Kindle. As someone who read these books many, many times as a child, I bought it, looking forward to a little light reading, and reliving my childhood before bed. However, this is not something that I got to experience.

To my horror (yes, horror. I know it’s a strong word, but it is appropriate here), the names of the characters have been changed, and all references to anything that might be considered racist, and other such things have been removed (I also consider this sacrilege, but…




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