My Mum Found Out She Is Diabetic And Has A Heart Condition

Why you should listen to your smart watch



Photo by Auguras Pipiras on Unsplash

At the end of October 2021, I upgraded my Apple Watch (I wanted the onscreen keyboard, because, as a writer who has a lot of her best thoughts in bed at night, this makes it easy to note them down!).

My mum had my ‘old’ one. I set it up for her, and she began wearing it regularly.


Within the first day of wearing it, the watch started alerting her to an increased heartbeat level. At first, we thought it was just a technical glitch, but then it happened again.

By November, it was happening several times a day. My mum, still believing that the watch was being overly sensitive, wanted to just take it off and stop wearing it.

I wasn’t so sure. You see, I had been wearing that watch for almost three years, and had never had the same issue. In fact, even though I exercise regularly, the watch very rarely hit my exercise goal for the day.

So, I did one of the things that I am very good at. I pestered. I pestered her to speak to the doctor.


When she did, the doctor wanted her to have an ECG and blood tests. A general health overhaul. A kind of annual service of sorts.

When the blood results came back, the doctor wanted to speak to my mother asap. On the 28th December 2021, the doctor called and told mum that she had diabetes.

Her blood sugar levels were far higher than the normal diagnostic levels. In fact, when we checked her blood sugars the next day, after she’d started medication, it was still at 24.3mmol. That is scary high. The ideal number is around 7.


The doctor wanted her to go to see her that same day, where she did another ECG. The doctor then told her not to drive. She also wanted her to go back the following day for another ECG.

When my mother attended this appointment, she was put on beta blockers, which almost literally halved her heart rate.

She is still in the process of having lots of tests, and we are a way off getting things sorted, but it got…




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