I’m Starting To Draw Again

Taking Back My Creativity



Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

I haven’t really posted much about my art on here. A few years ago, I took quite a big knock to my confidence. I had been asked by someone that I thought was a friend to do a pet portrait. This was a commission and I was expecting payment for it.

So, I did the initial drawing. I then sent a progress picture. The friend looked at the message, but didn’t respond. She then, about six weeks later, messaged me to say that the drawing was terrible and that she wouldn’t be paying for it.

I was quite upset and my confidence took a massive knock. It made me lose my love for art for a very long time. It has actually stopped me from doing much in the way of art, because I felt like I wasn’t good enough.

Now, my confidence is not the best anyway, but you can imagine the impact that this had on me. Rather than trying to put the images in my head on paper, I crushed them all down and instead, I watched others make beautiful art and convinced myself that I could never be like them.

Recently though, I’ve done a lot of thinking, and I’ve decided enough is enough. I’m tired of seeing other people putting their art out there, and squashing mine down, just because of someone who clearly wasn’t a friend in the first place.

So, I’ve decided to embrace my creative side, and to actually let those images out into the world.

It’s taken a lot of thought and a lot of soul searching, but I need to create. And I need those creative things to be out in the world.

So I thought I’d share with you a work in progress photo of my newest drawing.

Meet Wednesday:

Wednesday Drawing Screenshot by Li Carter




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