Episode One, Scene One: Happy Birthday!




Copyright Li Carter

“Come on! We’re going to be late.” Tag’s mother hurried him and his little sister out of the house, and towards the shiny new e-car that his father was sitting in.

Tag opened the door, with a deep sense of dread and impending doom. His sister, Laura, shoved past him, and plopped herself into a seat. He glared at her as he stooped and sat down next to her. She poked her tongue out, and he swatted her, a little harder than he normally would have.

“I still don’t see why we had to come today. Why couldn’t I at least enjoy my birthday before having to deal with this?” he asked.

His mother hushed him, “You should be grateful. We were lucky to be able to get you an appointment at all, let alone so soon.”

“I didn’t ask you to.” He knew he sounded childish, but he didn’t care.

“That’s enough.” His father pressed a button on the dashboard.

The car burst into life, and began to move without his father having to do anything else. Tag sighed, and folded his arms as he leant back on the seat. As he lapsed into silence, Laura began to chatter.

It seemed to take only minutes, before the car pulled into the more heavily built up area of the city. Drones soared through the sky, sometimes barely missing planes and buildings. Tag knew that, of course, there was practically zero chance of a collision, because all of the navigation systems were controlled by the Corporation’s central hub. Tag rolled his eyes. The Corporation controlled practically everything, and they would soon be able to control him, too. He struggled to suppress a shudder.

He stared out of the window as single storey houses became huge skyscrapers that etched a path out of the early morning sky. A deep sadness shrouded him as he realised that this was the last time he would see them in his current state. After today, everything would change.

He glanced over at Laura, who was now chattering about what she and Myleen were planning to do at the weekend. He had no such plans. If his friends’ stories were true, he would probably be stuck in bed, trying to sleep off what sounded like a killer hangover.




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